A Comparison of OCR Software that Can Read Text from Webpages without Extra Steps

What is the best OCR software that can read text from webpages without highlighting or importing screenshots? I am looking for an OCR software that can read text from webpages that are not selectable with the mouse. I have tried several OCR software, but they all require me to take a screenshot, import it into the software, process the image into text, and then have it read out loud. This is too cumbersome and time-consuming for me, especially when I want to read a whole book. I have some functional vision, but it is not enough to read for long periods of time. I need an OCR software that can automate the steps from taking a screenshot to reading the text out loud. I am using Windows 10 and Chrome browser. Can you recommend me any OCR software that can do this? Thank you for your help. https://technsight.com/